This is an example of one a “Haul Videos”. A Haul Video is when a consumer shows the world their recent buys from their favorite store. This video is specific to Forever 21. I feel that this video shows the oblivion that we as consumers take part in. We're so consumed in what we buy and material things that we fail to see the bigger picture. Notice some of the comments also. 
"omg, i love that purple skirt! the other two are too simple, but you make them look cute (:"
"that black cover-up thingy with the pattern on the back might look good with a black or white long sleeve shirt.. idontknow thoughh.. so, yeahh :)"
There have been more than enough lawsuits against Forever 21. They range from copyright infringement to rights in the workplace. It's been said that these lawsuits are just part of their business strategy. But let's pause for a second and talk about this lawsuit for right in the workplace.

Tiffinee Linthicum and Jazzreeal Jones have been working at a Forever 21 in California since they were in high school. In 2012 they filed a class action against Forever 21. The lawsuit alleged that Forever 21 was requiring its employees to work without compensation and meal breaks.

Now California is the home of Forever 21, where it got its beginnings. If this company can not assure worker's right and reasonable conditions in their own home, what does that mean for those who are working across seas for this company? There's no doubt that conditions across the sea in Bangladesh factories, workers aren't being treated with the utmost care.


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